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378 Eureka

Diese Beispiele sind computergeneriert, und so klingen sie auch. Sie dienen nur dem Lernen einzelner Stimmen.
Soon will this mortal life be o'er,
This body moulder into dust;
Naked my soul will stand before
A God that's holy, pure and just.

It's standing doom of bliss or woe,
Will from the great I am recieve;
Up to the realms of glory go,
Or in hell's torments ever live.

Without an int'rest in the blood
Of Jesus shed on Calvary,
We can't escape his vengeful rod,
Howe'er so moral here we be.

Away then all selfrighteousness!
My soul from nature's sleep arise,
Be justified by faith thro' grace,
And claim a mansion in the skies.

Perfection's height may I ascend,
And feel my soul dissolved in love;
That when my days below shall end,
Angels may waft my soul above.

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