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279 The Birman Hymn

Diese Beispiele sind computergeneriert, und so klingen sie auch. Sie dienen nur dem Lernen einzelner Stimmen.

O! Seek ye heaven a golden land,
Where happy souls rejoicing stand,
And ever view the Saviour's face,
And speak and sing of matchless grace.

Exempt from sin and sorrow rage,
From sickness, death and wasting age;
All suffr'ing banish'd from the place,
They speak, and sing of matchless grace!

Love fills entire each burning breast
Of ever lasting bliss possess'd;
They quaff with joy th'immortal spring,
Of grace divine they speak and sing.

God's presence is their dwelling place.
The glorious and effulgent rays
From Jesus' face around them shine,
They speak and sing of race divine.

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