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Diese Beispiele sind computergeneriert, und so klingen sie auch. Sie dienen nur dem Lernen einzelner Stimmen.
He dies the heavenly lover dies,
The tidings strike a doleful sound 
On my poor heartstrings. Deep he lies 
In the cold caverns of the ground.
Come saints and drop a tear or two
On the dear bosom of your God.
He bled a thousand drops for you,
A thousand drops of richest blood.

Here's love and grief beyond degree,
The Lord of Glory dies for men!
But lo, what sudden joys I see!
Jesus the dead revives again.
The rising God forsakes the tomb;
Up to his father's court he flies;
Cherubic legions guard him home,
And shout him welcome to the skies.

Break off your tears ye saints and tell
How high our great delivrer reigns!
Sing how he spoiled the hosts of hell,
And led the monster Death in chains.
Say, "Live forever wondrous King!
Born to redeem and strong to save!"
Then ask the monster where's his sting,
and "Where's thy victory, boasting grave?"

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