This site is intended as a "stepping stone" for new Sacred Harp singers. In its "Lieder" ("songs") section, you can pick a song and listen to individual parts. Don't be disappointed – they are sung by "robots", allowing you to learn a melody by ear, to be able to start singing right away.

Why we did it? You will have noticed that this is a German site. Germany is "Sacred Harp Diaspora"; we can't join established singings, there are none. Except for our own ones...

Yes, our "robots" sound terrible. They have no accent, they don't respect the idiosyncrasies of the songs (because the German newbies don't know them) and sing too high.

But they helped us to get going and still do for new singers. All of them outgrow the training wheels and learn to read the shapes. Without the "crutch" they would lose hope and give up before reaching that stage. Shape note singing can be intimidating for newcomers!

Everything began in 2011 with five singers in a living room, three with no music reading skills at all, the initiator of this site included. No books. We couldn't figure out the parts from listening to Youtube, which was our only source. But we wanted... no, we needed to sing this wonderful music.

We found That was a revelation, and without the people who built that site, which we raided unscrupulously, ours would not exist. needs, however, some basic technophilia on the recipient's side. Making MP3 examples and mailing them around helped for a while, but mailboxes were overflowing soon. So a little web server came into being from which singers could download the examples. Then things escalated. And here we are.

If you really want to hear us sing (are you sure?), look here.

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