Sacred Harp ist a cappella Heavy Metal.

In Hamburg und Frankfurt gibt's das auch.

Bericht einer Einsteigerin

The heavy metal music of the 19th century.
(Judy Hauff)

When I can no longer sing Sacred Harp, I hope to listen.
When I can no longer hear, I want to see it.
When I can no longer sing, hear, or see, please wheel me in and prop me up against some old singer so I can feel it.
(Robert L. Vaughn, Texas)

Inner Mietwohnung kannste das nich machen.

I mean, they sound really great, like, I'd quite like to join in, but I'm just worried that I might end up married to like eight of them or something. (Listener in a pub)

For newcomers, Mr. Cobb explained, a first encounter with the “powerful and elemental” sound can inspire many different reactions. “Some will say, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ while others will say, ‘Wow, that’s beautiful,’ ” he said. “And then there is a certain, small percentage of people who say, ‘I must do this.’ ” (New York Times)

If one can sing at all, it is possible to sing this music. Indeed, if one cannot sing at all, one can sing this music; the resulting wrong notes will easily be absorbed in the enthusiastic tumult of everything else that is going on.
(Neely Bruce)

I brought a few friends along to the impromptu sing on Saturday night, one of them said "When you started to sing I felt like I was about to be sacrificed... but in a good way." (Matthew Parkinson)

Arvo Pärt für Normalos. (Jantje)

Ich klinge heute wie 'ne Blechbüchse. (Ulrike)