Sacred Harp ist a cappella Heavy Metal.

Wir treffen uns jeden Donnerstag um 20:00 Uhr in der "Cappella della Musica".

In HamburgFrankfurtBerlinKöln und München gibt's das auch.

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Bericht einer Einsteigerin

The heavy metal music of the 19th century.
(Judy Hauff)

When I can no longer sing Sacred Harp, I hope to listen.
When I can no longer hear, I want to see it.
When I can no longer sing, hear, or see, please wheel me in and prop me up against some old singer so I can feel it.
(Robert L. Vaughn, Texas)

Inner Mietwohnung kannste das nich machen.

I mean, they sound really great, like, I'd quite like to join in, but I'm just worried that I might end up married to like eight of them or something. (Listener in a pub)

For newcomers, Mr. Cobb explained, a first encounter with the “powerful and elemental” sound can inspire many different reactions. “Some will say, ‘Oh, that’s interesting,’ while others will say, ‘Wow, that’s beautiful,’ ” he said. “And then there is a certain, small percentage of people who say, ‘I must do this.’ ” (New York Times)

If one can sing at all, it is possible to sing this music. Indeed, if one cannot sing at all, one can sing this music; the resulting wrong notes will easily be absorbed in the enthusiastic tumult of everything else that is going on.
(Neely Bruce)

I brought a few friends along to the impromptu sing on Saturday night, one of them said "When you started to sing I felt like I was about to be sacrificed... but in a good way." (Matthew Parkinson)

Arvo Pärt für Normalos. (Jantje)

Ich klinge heute wie 'ne Blechbüchse. (Ulrike)

Wer gedacht hat, er könne Noten lesen, wird hier eines anderen belehrt. Und wer noch nie im Leben Noten lesen konnte, ist hier klar im Vorteil. (Yotin)

Ihr habt mich am Arsch. (Ulla, nach ihrem ersten Mitsingen bei uns)

Ich hab mein Hörgerät wieder ausgeschaltet. (Klaus)